Kallista Primary School OSHClub

OSHClub before and after school programs

OSHClub’s Rise then Shine before school program and Stay and Play after school program are based on research and designed to facilitate play. Their programs provide children with opportunities for experimentation, imagination, and freedom of expression!​ 

Before and after a structured day at school, it’s important for children to have the chance to relax and participate in activities they enjoy. Every child has their own idea of what’s fun, so OSHClub offer a wide range of engaging activities during Before and After School Care (Rise then Shine and Stay and Play programs) to accommodate every child’s desire.​ 

While OSHClub still offer all the usual fun activities and clubs, they also have 7 adventure categories! Each adventure category gives children the opportunity to develop life skills and explore their interests through specially designed experiences and activities.​

Visit the OSHClub website to learn more about their before and after school care program, including before and after school program opening hours, pricing, and information about the service. 

OSHClub holiday program 

Holiday HQ is the ultimate destination for kids looking for an unforgettable break from the school routine. From exciting soccer and football competitions to cooking classes – their expert educators provide a dynamic blend of engaging activities and enriching experiences. 

In addition, guest visitors and excursions add variety for your child during the holidays so no two days are the same. One day might be a coding specialist visiting the school, the next day might be a trip to the local bowling alley. 

They also ensure that every child’s holiday is not just entertaining but an opportunity for growth. Kids build new friendships, explore their interests, and return to school with unforgettable memories. 

More information about Holiday HQ is available on the OSHClub website, including holiday program opening hours, pricing, and program activity details.


Learn about the Childcare Subsidy 

Did you know that our before school, after school and holiday programs are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?​ 

Since 10 July 2023, childcare fees are cheaper for most families and more parents can access the CCS if your family earns under $530,000 per annum. On average OSHClub families get a 86%* rebate on eligible session fees. 

*Based on Australian average household income and average session fee

CCS is eligible on both OSHClub incursions and excursions during Holiday Programs​ too.  

Learn more about the Child Care Subsidy on the OSHClub website


New School Starters 

An easy, fun, and engaging transition to big school is vital.​ OSHClub provides the environment, experience and support your child needs to take this very big step with confidence. 

While OSHClub still offer all the usual fun activities and clubs, they also have 7 adventure categories, that have been specially developed with experts in the industry. Outside school hours care is also the perfect place for kids to make new friendships, explore their interests, and learn and development through play.

OSHClub offer a range of webinars and an email series that parents can sign up to receive. These resources discuss the benefits of outside school hours care, share tips about how to prepare for your child’s first day at school, and much more.​ Industry experts also share information about the exciting new journey your child takes as they enter primary school.

To register for an Introduction to OSHClub email series and discover more about how to enrol in outside school hours care, visit the OSHClub website

To enrol today, visit the OSHClub enrolment page.

Where can I find the OSHClub service? 

The Kallista Primary School OSHClub service is located in the General Purpose Room.

What are the benefits of OSHClub’s program for kids?

“Play is a biological imperative for healthy child development.”​

Play fosters brain growth, the development of motor skills, and executive functions. Play plays a pivotal role in emotional regulation, problem-solving, and navigating complex social interactions. Through play, children acquire essential skills that contribute to identity, confidence, resilience, and overall well-being.​

Our research-led Adventure Program​

The Adventure Program, which is offered through OSHClub, is the first purpose-designed play-based program in the Outside School Hours Care sector. It allows the team at OSHClub to play a key role in furthering child development, supporting kids to become healthy, confident and resilient individuals.​

Discover more about the Adventure Program on the OSHClub website.

What are the OSHClub contact details? 

Visit the OSHClub website’s contact page to reach their Customer Experience team via phone, email, or online form.