All parents of current and future pupils are encouraged to discuss any concerns they have about their child’s needs and progress with the classroom teachers or our principal. Our ‘open door’ policy aims to facilitate communication between home and school so that all families in our community feel supported on their educational journey.

Student Support Group (SSG) meetings 

We put a ‘Team Around the Learner’ at Kallista Primary.

Where a child has additional needs the class teacher will arrange a Student Support Group meeting with parents/carers, to share in the development of an appropriate learning or wellbeing plan for individual students.

SSGs are a requirement for students on the Program for Students with Disability, Out of Home Care and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island students.

Individual Education Plans

Using a Team Around the Learner approach, our teachers will create an Individual Learning Plan for students with additional learning or wellbeing needs. Parent or carers input into these will be included based on the SSG meeting and the individualised identified goal setting and strategies that will support your child’s development.

Tutoring 2021

Post-Covid, the Victorian government has understood that ‘learning Catch-Up’ will be important in 2021. We are providing support to students who need learning catch-up due to gaps in their foundational skills post the remote learning period. Using ongoing assessment throughout 2021, we will be providing a tutoring program that provides Learning Catch-Up in specific areas, for identified students. Tutoring will be delivered to groups of students and will be flexible across the year, with students moving in and out each term, based on learning needs