Physical Education classes at Kallista Primary School provide opportunities for students to experience success when learning new skills. Lessons focus on maximum participation where there are no winners or losers. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and to strive towards performing “Personal Bests” which develops a positive attitude towards lifelong physical activity. Activities are always provided in a safe and supportive environment so that each child has the confidence to participate fully.

Students of today have so many wonderful and exciting avenues for learning.  However, with enhancements in technology society has also seen a decrease in child activity levels and an increase in childhood obesity. Through the Physical Education Program at Kallista we aim to encourage a commitment to regular physical activity and the development of positive attitudes and self-worth. This should provide students with the basis to achieve greater levels of success within and beyond Primary School.

The Physical Education Program consists of ball handling, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, basic movement, minor games, dance, sport education and sport skills. Fundamental motor skills and fitness education are taught within each component.

Other events throughout the year form an integral part of the Phys. Ed Program, including:

Picnic Sports
10 Day Intensive Swimming Program
Ball Sports
Athletics Carnival
Cross country
Inter-school sports competitions
AFL Footballer visits
Clinics, Guest Speakers & PB Challenges