Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is central to our purpose at Kallista Primary School. Our values of Trust, Respect, Creativity, Perseverance, and Compassion guide our actions and underpin our relationships, our procedures, and our curriculum. These five values make our school a great place to learn, play, and grow together!

Ways that we teach and implement values education at our school include:
Student leadership programs across the whole school
A highly effective anti-bullying policy and restorative practices
Comprehensive Transition Programs for Preschool to Foundation, and Year Six to Year Seven
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Provision of Student Support Services (school psychologist and speech pathologist)
Provision of a safe and secure learning environment, based on School Wide Positive Behaviours

Positive student behaviour at our school is first and foremost built upon healthy relationships between all school staff, students and parents. A positive partnership between school and home is an essential precondition for a happy and secure school experience. Our safe school environment is enhanced through values education and is reinforced through the School Wide Positive Behaviours framework. Children enjoy being noticed displaying our school values in the classroom and playground, and receive Student “Spotto Awards” that are celebrated at school assemblies. The Buddies program and Peacemakers in the Playground foster safety, security and care for others.

Positive student behaviour at our school is first and foremost built upon healthy relationships between all school staff, students and parents.

Christine FinighanPrincipal

The “Positive Playgrounds Program” continues here at school and houses recycled materials which are used by the children at lunchtimes to experiment with found materials, building structures and providing additional play opportunities in our extensive, natural surrounds.

Playground works by our students and parents have created further additions to our natural playscape, providing children with further physical challenges and elements to foster imaginative and social play. Our positive and inclusive approach fosters empathy and understanding between all age groups.

This is strengthened by a vibrant Prep with Year 5 buddy program which supports successful prep transition to school.

The Berry Street Education Model

In 2017, we are also incorporating The Berry Street Education Model, which is underpinned by current neuro-science research on child development and learning theory. At its core, BSEM emphasises the importance of relationships in a school community; relationships that are empathic and reflect high levels of mutual regard and respect. The other important aspect is teaching children to understand their minds and bodies, and to give them the skills to be self-confident, self-regulating and resilient. Teacher modelling of resilience, empathy and calm is a powerful ingredient in this approach. Our KPS staff feel excited and privileged to be currently undergoing training with the Berry Street educators in order to implement this approach in 2017.

Our Values

The development of the whole child is extremely important to us at Kallista Primary School. We are committed to providing our primary school students with a happy and secure environment, where we live by our values of Compassion, Respect, Trust, Perseverance and Creativity.