At Kallista primary school, creativity is one of our school values and we are constantly looking for creative educational opportunities for students.

At Kallista Primary School music is an important part of school life. Creativity is one of our school values and we are constantly looking for creative educational opportunities for students. 


Music is offered weekly as a specialist lesson from Foundation through to Year 6. Lessons are based on the Orff Schulwerk approaches to music education. It was developed by the German composer Carl Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman. The philosophy encourages ALL children to experience music at their own level of understanding so every child can take part. Children learn music in their natural environment of play and improvisation is encouraged to allow children to explore possibilities in music. The emphasis is on practical music-making activities. Students learn the elements of music by making music together with speech, movement, singing and playing instruments. Children learn to create their own music before learning to read and write music.


Upper primary students also incorporate the Musical Futures approach. Musical Futures believe music learning is most effective when young people are making music, and when their existing passion for music is reflected and built upon. They learn songs that are relevant and engaging, whatever their level of experience is. It is a practical hands-on approach.

In a Musical Futures classroom students will:

  • Listen and compose
  • Improvise
  • Use technology
  • Explore a range of contemporary styles
  • Perform
  • Learn songs on voice, guitar, ukulele, tuned and untuned percussion, bass and drums.

Ensembles offered

  • Marimba ensemble
  • Senior band
  • Choir
  • Japanese drums

Concerts offered

  • End of term 2 and 4 concerts
  • Whole school Music and Arts Spectacular every second year
  • Instrumental showcases twice a year
  • Christmas concert

Past music days

  • Music celebration days with our sister school
  • African drumming workshops
  • Nursing home performances
  • Kallista market performances

Instrumental lessons

In addition to our weekly music classes, students at Kallista have the opportunity to participate in specialised Instrumental Music Lessons. Our talented team of teachers offer private and group lessons for Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing, Ukulele, Bass and Violin. Grade 5/6 students are able to play in our vibrant Japanese Drumming Ensemble and audition for the Grade 5/6 Band.
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