At Kallista Primary, we take the needs of our most vulnerable students very seriously and are fortunate to have a Speech Pathologist and Educational Psychologist available to support students with additional needs. In consultation with these two experienced allied health professionals, our principal, Christine Finighan, has introduced a range of evidence based educational programs for students with Literacy and Numeracy difficulties, and it is encouraging to see such positive results from students who have had the opportunity to participate in these programs. The additional funding we received this year will enable us to roll out this support to a greater number of students ensuring that at Kallista Primary School, no student is left behind.

At the other end of the spectrum, we aim to support and develop those students who are identified as having high ability by offering a specialist mathematics stream and GATEWAYS program. We are further extending our support for highly able students by providing professional learning opportunities and peer support to teachers, to enable them to better identify and provide extension for these students within the classroom setting on a day to day basis.

Additionally, a range of extra curricular activities on offer at Kallista Primary provide opportunity for highly able students to excel outside the classroom setting, ensuring a balanced and stimulating educational experience. Chess, robotics and coding, filmmaking, music/school band, kitchen/garden program and leadership opportunities all allow students with varied strengths and abilities to shine.

All parents of current and future pupils are encouraged to discuss any concerns they have about their child’s progress with the classroom teachers or our principal. Our ‘open door’ policy aims to facilitate communication between home and school so that all families in our community feel supported on their educational journey.